Terms of Service

Challenge.fi and Generation Z hacking challenge, hereafter known as Generation Z is a capture the flag challenge aimed for participants aged 13-18 years of age located in Finland.

Generation Z provides this platform without any guarantees and service level agreement. Generation Z and its partners do not take any responsibility if the service is not available. The service is provided free of charge and without any warranties. Generation Z reserves the right to stop offering this service if it decides to do so without any notice.

The platform is intended for hacking the challenges provided. Generation Z waives its right to pursue any legal actions regarding the activity that is done against challenges and are done according to the rules of the service. We do not allow any activity against the service and the challenges that consume large amounts of resources (e.g. Denial of Service attacks), intentional deletion or modification of the resources. Also any activity that leverages an attack outside of the challenge is considered prohibited. Generation Z does not take any responsibility, if any attacks are launched against 3rd party services via this platform.

Generation Z does not take any responsibility about the tools you decide to use. Please verify and consider what you are downloading. You should note that software downloaded from the Internet might damage your computer.

Generation Z partners might offer prizes and/or job or internship opportunities for selected participants of the challenge. Generation Z and its partners reserve the right not to choose the winner if it decides to do so or reserves the right to choose the winner without releasing the criteria. Also, any partners affiliated with Generation Z are not obligated to offer internships or any other job opportunities to the participants of the challenge.