Welcome aboard!

Generation Z Hack is the biggest white hat hacking challenge in Finland, suppotted by 2NS, Digital and Population Data Services Agency, Elisa, Finnish Information Security Cluster, F-Secure, Fraktal, Helsec, National Bureau of Investigation, Nixu, Solita and Visma.

We are looking to give out our contribution to the hacking and infosec community. We want that every young person who is interested hacking and pentesting a platform to try out and develop their skills in a safe environment. Our challenges provide test from beginners to more experienced enthusiasts.

The challenge is mainly aimed at young people ages 13-18, but as we do not necessitate strong identification, it is possible for practically anyone to try them out. The prizes will only be available to ages 13-18.

It's worth it to take part as we reward our participants during the campaign. There will be cyber related swag available, of which some will be unique. By participating you may also find yourself working with us in the future!

You can get started by registering from the top right corner and confirming your e-mail.

We would also like to encourage the participants to join our Discord channel to discuss the challenge and network. The channel is moderated by representatives of the organizing parties.

You can join the channel from here.

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