Information for participants qualifying for the Finnish ECSC Team

As you may or may not know, Gen Z Hacking Challenge is used as the Finnish qualifier competition for the European Cyber Security Challenge. We are looking to put together a team of diverse skills and talents would like to present you with a variety of challenges.

The team will consist of maximum 5 participants aged between 15-20 and 5 between 21-25 of age.

For this purpose we are holding an intensive qualifying phase on 13 - 15.5. We want the participants to write reports on how they are solving the challenges and submit the reports for evaluation. The new challenges will be added on Friday 13th at 16:00 EEST and the deadline for sending reports will be on Sunday 15th at 18:00 EEST.

The reports should include your working directory with notes, scripts and solutions to the challenges worked on during the weekend. Solving the challenges completely or polished writeups are not necessary.

Please pack your working directory after the weekend into a zip-file named after your real name and nickname ( Send the zip-file to

The qualifying round is an individual competition, but make your notes with the intention that someone else would benefit from them to solve the challenges. The aim is to evaluate your individual skills, but also your ability to take notes and share your process during the solving of the challenges. In a team competition, even if you don’t solve a challenge completely your notes would help your team.

The judges evaluate the reports and invite selected candidates for an interview arranged between 16 - 27.5.

After reviews and interviews, the team will be formed and selected participants will be notified.

The travel and accomodation costs will be paid for the contestants by the supporting companies. Possible underaged participants require a written consent from their guardian for participation.

Further questions can be asked from Discord mods or via email: